Inchaffray Abbey Photo by Sharon Klander, 1998

Inchaffray Abbey
Photo by Sharon Klander, 1998
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July 2016: Thanks to Jon Curley for an insightful and historically informed review of Trafficke, at Galatea Resurrects. Jon’s eloquence on Trafficke‘s behalf is humbling. Disturbingly, however, the review failed to mention Trafficke‘s ultimate ethical core: my family’s 200 years of slave holding. What happened next was terrific, though–read the comments, and Jon’s responses, and see what can happen when readers engage, speak up, and turn what could have been just another moment of American racial blindness into a real conversation. We all have to learn this way: the hard way, and sometimes in public. See my part in this exchange for evidence I am not excluding myself from that indictment.

May 2016: My deepest gratitude to Martha Collins for her essay/review: “The Documented I: review of Philip Metres’ Sand Opera & Susan Tichy’s Trafficke.” In Field: Contemporary Poetry and Poetics No. 94 (Spring 2016) 65-73. Print. Martha Collins-The Documented I

Equal Meadows. (essay) Evening Will Come: A Monthly Journal of Poetics. Issue 31, July 2013. Mixed Form Issue.

Susan Tichy’s Trafficke. An interview with Tracy Zeman. Quiddity: An International Journal of Literature and Art 7:2 (Fall 2014). Tichy_interview-1

Political Awareness, Social Consciousness, and Memory in Susan Tichy’s Poetry. An interview with Greta Aart (Fiona Sze-Lorrain). Cerise Press, 2011.

Trafficke reviewed by Publishers’ Weekly.

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